of referred applicants are subsequently hired.


reduction in time to hire.


average saving in recruiting costs thanks to employee referrals.

The XING ReferralManager helps you reach passive jobseekers via your teams’ private and professional networks.

Turn your employees into ambassadors

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XING ReferralManager
  • Use the power of your employees’ networks
  • Get automatic candidate suggestions
  • Enjoy a simple referral process


What exclusive information do I have access to with XING ReferralManager?

XING ReferralManager gives you indirect access to the personal XING networks of your individual employees, whose relevant contacts are saved in a constantly growing candidate pool. Candidates are automatically suggested based on it. You also receive statistics so you can monitor success. In addition, XING ReferralManager can be conveniently integrated with existing (external) systems and connected to your referral programmes.

What is the process for a referral?

The advertised positions are listed with the relevant, matching contacts in an overview on the employees’ dashboard. Jobs can be recommended with a click of the mouse. The integrated link can be used to track which employee provided the recommendation.

Can XING ReferralManager be used by teams?

Yes, the overall idea of XING ReferralManager builds on team and hive thinking. The bigger the team, the bigger the effect and, in turn, the higher the success rate.

Is it also possible to refer job candidates who do not have a XING profile?

Yes, that is generally possible provided the relevant candidates have been manually entered into the system.

Can the ReferralManager integrate with other systems?

XING RecommendationManager integrates seamlessly into your recruiting process thanks to standard interfaces to applicant management systems and multi-posting providers. Below you will find a selection of our partners. Additional interfaces can be added by arrangement.

What licensing models are there?

The number of licences for XING ReferralManager depends on the package purchased, though licences can be added at any time as needed. We are happy to advise you on this.

Can I try out XING ReferralManager beforehand?

We will gladly advise you on your individual possibilities.

Are there any training materials or webinars?

For product education, you receive extensive training materials such as tutorials and webinars for XING ReferralManager.

Bundling boosts efficiency

Our products complement each other perfectly. You can use them individually, or leverage even greater effects by using them together.

XING E-Recruiting 360° combines all of the available products in a single licence package to unlock maximum recruiting power for you.

Learn more about XING E-Recruiting 360°


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