of XING members are currently looking for a job or are open to offers.


of jobseekers prefer employers to take the initiative.


more reach by targeting passive jobseekers as well.

Find the ideal line-up for your company yourself and contact potential employees in a targeted way rather than waiting for the right applicants.
With the HR solutions from XING E-Recruiting.


The direct route to your candidates

The XING network gives you access to around 18 million members. XING TalentManager will find the best talent for your company among these. Depending on the configuration of the search filters, you will automatically receive customized candidate recommendations. Exclusive profile information provides you with information about the candidates’ motivation to move, willingness to move and salary expectations. You only have to address them!

XING TalentpoolManager allows you to store and manage potentially interesting candidates. With this you also have access to a pool of suitable candidates for various positions at any time and can fill vacant positions directly.

Address your favorite candidates directly - with XING TalentManager

Always keep an eye on potential candidates – with the XING TalentpoolManager

Birgit Payer, Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing, Erste Group Bank AG

Not waiting for people to come to you, but actively searching and thereby presenting yourself as you are: an innovative, authentic and exciting business.

Hit the ground running with our online training

Attend our training sessions to learn about the many features the TalentManager has to offer.

XING TalentpoolManager - First steps (EN)

XING TalentpoolManager - First steps (EN)

Read more
XING TalentManager - Active Sourcing (EN)
XING TalentManager - Active Sourcing (EN)
XING TalentpoolManager - Getting started (EN)


How do XING TalentManager and XING TalentpoolManager complement each other?

Yes, the TalenpoolManager makes the use of the TalentManager even more effective through its complementary functions. If you use the XING Talent Pool Manager in addition, you can see in your candidate overview, for example, whether a promising candidate is already in one of your talent pools.
If you have any further questions, we would be happy to advise you! 

Can XING TalentManager and XING TalentpoolManager be used in a team?

Yes, every team member with an assigned license can use XING TalentManager or XING TalentpoolManager.
You can work together as a team on projects by viewing notes on candidates or status information created by colleagues. You can also share message histories with colleagues. You can use the integrated TalentRadar to view and check key figures.

What are the costs of the XING TalentManager?

Our pricing models vary according to individual needs and your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us - we will then provide you with a personal and customized offer.

You want to know more?

Get in touch with us to arrange a non-binding consultation and find out how you can boost your recruiting processes with XING.

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