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    XING gives you access to over 8 million German-speaking candidates and more than 15 million candidates worldwide.

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    Our portfolio helps you get more out of your recruiting and employer branding activities.

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    The XING Talent Manager and XING Jobs give you access to active and passive jobseekers.

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    XING Projects helps you find the right service providers and experts for your business.

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    An Employer Branding Profile is a great way for you to boost your employer brand.

NEXT LEVEL RECRUITING. XING is the careers network for business contacts in all industries. No other platform in German-speaking countries offers as many up-to-date profiles. XING's product portfolio is a clever way of linking innovative e-recruiting solutions and genuine employer reviews.

Recruiting in times of upheaval on the labour market

Hans-Christoph Kürn, Head of Social Media & E-Recruiting, Siemens AG:


"Recruiting methods need to evolve in line with the current upheaval on the labour market." 

Just a few years ago, companies and recruiters simply posted job ads and waited for applications to arrive. But change is now afoot with recruiters having to get creative to attract the right people to fill their vacancies.


Posting job ads on your corporate website, online business networks and job boards is still an integral part of recruiting, but companies now need to do more than that to make sure they receive enough applications to choose from. This is where active recruiting comes into play as a surefire way of identifying suitable candidates who want to be found as they're usually already employed and not actively looking for a new job. This means that companies looking to fill vacancies have to really work on their employer branding and do everything they can to appeal to potential applicants.


What's important here is that a healthy balance of active and passive recruiting methods are used in conjunction with showcasing your company as a great place to work, e.g. on business platforms such as XING. Here, members can create a personal profile they can then use to get found by companies, to connect with other people, and to look for new career opportunities. Siemens is extremely happy about using XING's recruiting solutions to showcase its business and current vacancies!



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Active candidate recruiting: the key to finding skilled workers


Companies are increasingly reaching out to candidates directly in order to win the battle for top experts and executives. 


In order to fill vacancies, companies are also having to approach people who aren't necessarily looking for a job, but are open to offers as this market is three times the size of the jobseeker market. This means that active candidate recruiting allows you to tap into a much larger talent pool. 

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Marc-Stefan Brodbeck, Vice President Recruiting & Talent-Acquisition, Deutsche Telekom AG

"Investing in the XING Talent Manager was definitely worth our while."
Become a recruiting pro with XING training courses


Our online Talent Manager and personalised recruiting training courses provide you with a wealth of information and insights about active recruiting and the recruiting options XING has to offer.

Find out more about our courses for people interested in our recruiting solutions, courses for existing customers and personalised training sessions.



We offer free online seminars on a regular basis that show you the many uses of the XING Talent Manager. We’re also happy to help customers introduce active candidate sourcing into their business processes and can offer online seminars or on-site training courses “by recruiters for recruiters” that are tailored to your specific needs. For more information, just call our experienced trainers on +49 40 419131907 or e-mail

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Nadine Rahn, Head of the Applicant Management Team, Recruiting SOLCOM Unternehmensberatung GmbH

"With XING Projects, we have a huge reach to approach top freelancers and service providers quickly and easily."
Find the right people for your business


Passive recruiting strategies usually involve posting a job ad in daily newspapers, magazines, etc. to give potential candidates an opportunity to apply for the vacancy.


Social networks are also well suited to job ads as you can target certain people whose profile matches the vacancy you’re looking to fill. You can also recommend job ads to your network, allowing you to benefit from the viral effect of social networking.

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Attract and retain great employees


Companies that do employer branding work are more likely to be noticed by job applicants and valued by employees. It also boosts the company’s image, which gives businesses the edge over the competition. 


Employer branding helps to guide employees, managers and job applicants. It has a positive effect on the hiring process, employee retention, motivation and commitment. Employer branding attracts more suitable candidates while also boosting internal identification with the company and its culture.

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Michael Lampen, HR Recruiting Lead, Jack Wolfskin GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Social media and employer branding are an integral part of active recruiting nowadays."
XING Talent Manager
Actively reach out to millions of candidates
Swift and efficient for experts. Simple for newbies.
The Talent Manager helps professional recruiters quickly identify and effectively manage candidates. Companies that are new to active candidate recruiting will find it child's play to get up and running with the Talent Manager.
  • Reach out to over 8 million potential candidates in German-speaking countries
  • Find the right people faster and more efficiently than ever before
  • Great way to approach suitable candidates
  • Simple vacancy and talent pool management
  • Powerful collaboration options
  • No installation required
Find employees who match your company
Find employees who match your company
XING Jobs help you to reach potential employees at the place where they go to find new career opportunities. You can choose from three different ad types ranging from a TEXT ad with per-click billing through to an online DESIGN ad that offers you your very own customised job ad.                                    
  •  Easy way to get in touch with passive jobseekers
  •  Personal contacts can help to find out more about job applicants
  •  Direct access to the labour market
XING Projects
Quickly find the right service providers
Freelancers and service providers for your projects
Quickly find the right service providers, experts and freelancers for your temporary projects.              
  •  Swift access to over 800,000 freelancers in German-speaking countries
  •  Automatic candidate recommendations
  •  Free project postings
  •  Interface for easy project posting
Employer Branding Profile
Showcase your business as a great employer
Present yourself as an attractive employer
An Employer Branding Profile on kununu and XING is a great way for you to actively shape your reputation as a top employer. This unique partnership gives you access to 7.2 million monthly visitors to the largest employer review portal in German-speaking countries.
  • Modern, dynamic and appealing company image
  • More range by showcasing your company on competitors’ profiles
  • Hire and retain great employees

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