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XING E-Recruiting 360° lets you foster relations with suitable candidates and get in touch at just the right time.

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Get your business ready for the future thanks to XING E‑Recruiting 360° with its innovative recruiting channels and products that are under continuous development.

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Enjoy all of the products in a single licence package: XING TalentManager, XING TalentpoolManager, XING Jobs (including thge XING JobManager), XING ReferralManager and the XING and kununu Employer Branding Profile.

Bundling boosts

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Each recruiting product is far more effective when used with the accompanying products so you have the right recruiting mix for your needs, each and every time.

recruiting benefits

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Enjoy end-to-end service provided by your personal XING 360° specialists along with individual training sessions and exclusive events.

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Enjoy all of the XING E‑Recruiting products in a single licence package.

As a XING E‑Recruiting 360° customer you automatically receive new products as part of your licence package. Bundling products boosts efficiency and effectiveness. Our XING E‑Recruiting 360° specialists are happy to spend a day advising you on how to create the right mix to achieve your recruiting goals.

XING TalentManager

Find the right people and get in touch with them directly thanks to an unlimited number of licenses for the recruiting team.

XING TalentpoolManager

Manage all promising talents in one talent pool and comfortably reach out to potential candidates at at the right time.


XING Jobs as a flat rate to reach the right candidates - and stay in control with the XING JobManager.

XING ReferralManager

Turn employees into ambassadors and benefit from their referrals.

Employer Branding Profile

Presentation as an appealing employer on XING and kununu.

XING TalentManager
XING TalentpoolManager
XING ReferralManager
Employer Branding Profile
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Our FAQ provides you with lots of information about XING E‑Recruiting 360° along with the individual products and features. If you can't find an answer to a certain question, just ask the forum.

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Exclusive benefits

Enjoy end-to-end service provided by your XING 360° specialist as well as exclusive benefits only available to XING 360° customers.

Personal XING 360° specialist

Personal XING 360° specialist

Your personal XING 360° specialist is on hand to answer any questions you may have and can help you use XING 360° to maximum effect and reach your individual recruiting goals.

Special insights

Special insights

We continuously develop our recruitment solutions. As a XING 360°-user you will always be the first to profit from updated and new functions.

Exclusive XING 360° events

Exclusive XING 360° events

Our XING 360° events give you the opportunity to meet up and network with our management team as well as developers, recruiting experts and other users.

Get awarded as a driver of innovation

Get awarded as a driver of innovation

As a XING 360° user you have opted for a very innovative product and hence can be considered to be among the pioneers of recruiting. Therefore XING will grant you the "award for innovative recruiting".

Career level

Information to the Career level of XING members

Highly qualified:
mainly executives and specialists1.

40% professional / experienced
26% directors / division managers
17% managers
11% CEOs
5% entry-level staff
1% students / interns
1XING, internal survey.

Education level

Information to the Education level of XING members

58% have at least secondary
education qualifications2.

36% university degree
24% secondary school
22% A-levels / vocational diploma
17% college qualification
1% no school qualification
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Our FAQ provides you with lots of information about XING E‑Recruiting 360°.