more profile visitors and followers with an Employer Branding Profile.


of XING users are currently looking for a job or are open to offers.

8 out of 10

candidates take employer reviews seriously.

Present your employer brand where skilled workers are planning their future career.

Actively build and shape your employer image, boost your brand’s reach, and generate buzz among potential candidates. This will give you the edge over competitors when looking to hire the best talent.

A positive side effect of employer branding is a boost in employee loyalty and referrals.



Build credibility through transparency by providing genuine insights into your working environment.

Theresa Feidl, Head of Group Training, Munich Airport

Generation Y uses the internet and social media to check out potential employers. That's why we think it's important to have a profile on the largest careers network - XING and kununu.

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Employer Branding Profile
  • 1x kununu Employer Branding Profile
  • 1x XING Employer Branding Profile
  • 12-month contract

from €357.50

per month

Get your employer-branding activities started: Set up a free XING profile for your company (with a limited feature set) so it can be found by potential candidates on XING.

You can also reply to employer reviews on kununu, free of charge.


Why does the Employer Branding Profile contain two profiles?

XING and kununu together present you as an attractive employer on the two largest German-language career platforms. A professional presence for your company on XING is complemented by having employee reviews on kununu. The two profiles interlink with each other excellently and increase each other’s effect when combined. For authentic employer branding.

How is the Employer Branding Profile different from the free profile?

By using an Employer Branding Profile, you enjoy the following benefits on top of the free profile:

  1. No external advertising on your company’s XING and kununu profiles
  2. Instead, your company’s profile is advertised on your competitors’ free profiles on XING and kununu
  3. Attractive design for your company’s XING and kununu profiles so that your company presents its profiles and news professionally.

Is XING BrandManager part of the product?

Yes, XING BrandManager is included in the Employer Branding Profile and offers the option of analysing the profile and individual news in detail.

Can I also place advertisements with the Employer Branding Profile?

Yes, by integrating with XING AdManager. You can publish targeted advertisements through XING AdManager using advertising credits that you purchase.

How does XING AdManager work and is it part of the product?

Yes, you can select up to 10 editors to edit the Employer Branding Profiles on XING and kununu.

Are there any training materials?

For product education, you receive extensive training materials such as tutorials and webinars for the Employer Branding Profiles on XING and kununu.

Bundling boosts efficiency

Our products complement each other perfectly. You can use them individually, or leverage even greater effects by using them together.

XING E-Recruiting 360° combines all of the available products in a single licence package to unlock maximum recruiting power for you.

Learn more about XING E-Recruiting 360°

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Get in touch with us to arrange a non-binding consultation and find out how you can boost your recruiting processes with XING.

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