98 %

In 98% of projects, our clients received a shortlist of suitable talents within 4 weeks.

3x faster

Conventional application channels take 3 times longer than the XING TalentService.


The average satisfaction rating of XING TalentService customers is 4.4 out of 5.

XING TalentService:
Skip the search – get directly to the destination

XING TalentService is the perfect introduction to direct candidate contact or a useful add-on to XING TalentManager. You don't need to search yourself:

We relieve you of the time-consuming and difficult research and find exactly the right people for your position. You'll receive a list of candidates willing to change jobs – and contacting them will be easier than ever before.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and, as a result, implement significantly more recruiting processes - with the same number of employees in your HR department.

Choose the right solution for you.

XING TalentService
XING TalentService
You will receive a shortlist with an average of 4-5 pre-qualified talents within max. 4 weeks
  • Seasoned active sourcing experts search for talents with an innovative algorithm and conduct acquisition interviews
  • Our consultants promote your company to talents and determine their willingness to change, suitability and salary expectations
  • 60-minute briefing

  • Includes a job ad in XING Jobs

  • We handle cancellations of declined talents for you

€ 4.990

per vacancy

XING TalentService Longlist
XING TalentService Longlist
You will receive a longlist with 30 pre-selected talents in max. 7 days.
  • Talents are found by an innovative algorithm and checked against your requirements by our seasoned team of experts

  • 30-minute briefing

  • 30 additional XING messages for directly addressing talents

  • Including communication kit for a professional and successful candidate approach

€ 2.990

per vacancy

We deliver candidates, you save time and resources.

The new XING TalentService puts active recruiting at your fingertips. Outsource demanding candidate searches, save time, and ease any workload peaks.

How the XING TalentService works

How you benefit

Our external experts exchange with talents, meaning you’ll get honest feedback on your employer brand is rated, as well as valuable tips to optimise your recruiting strategy. By posting your vacancy on XING Jobs, your employer brand will receive a welcome boost.



You only spend time on highly suitable candidates that our team of experts finds for you based on targeted data analysis. This ties up fewer resources and reduces your time to hire, giving you a real competitive edge.



You get a shortlist with an average of 4-5 talents at an attractive fixed price. Regardless of how many you hire, it won't cost you a single euro more. This makes the XING TalentService even more worthwhile compared to conventional methods of recruiting.



Based on our market data, we discuss your chances of filling your vacancy in advance and give you a delivery guarantee. In addition, your personal dashboard gives lets you browse the data analysis conducted by our experts at any time.

Matthias Hüttner, Personnel Officer, Mercoline GmbH

Mercoline GmbH has already been working successfully with XING E-Recruiting for years in the area of job ads and employer branding on the XING and kununu platforms. Based on this good experience, it was not difficult for us to decide in favor of the XING TalentService and say: 'Yes, we'll go down this new path with XING!'

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Lisa Barenfeld, TOTAL Deutschland

Super concept! Sometimes, yes, you can take care of active sourcing yourself. However, it's great to have such a great solution to fall back on when the peaks are too big.

Fabienne Maurer, Unilever

It makes perfect sense that those who know the XING products best should also operate them and offer them as a service!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need XING TalentpoolManager for the XING Talent Service?

No, you can also use the candidate search service without any other products. The XING TalentService is the perfect way to approach candidates directly.

How do I submit requirements for a vacancy?

Once your request has been reviewed, you can log in to the XING TalentService website with your XING profile and enter the details of your vacancy there.

Why is the XING TalentService a good addition to XING TalentpoolManager?

Even recruiters who already rely on Active Recruiting spend a considerable amount of their time researching potential candidates. With the XING TalentService, you can absorb peak workloads or take advantage of our recruiting experts for vacancies that are particularly difficult to fill. You also have the option of building a talent pool with our candidate lists.

Do I pay per successful hire?

No, you get a qualified list of candidates willing to change. You can start negotiating with all candidates and in the best case hire several candidates. The price always remains the same.

How do the experts ensure that they address candidates in a customer’s best interests?

As the operator of the XING Network, we have a vested interest in dealing professionally with our members. To this end, our XING TalentService consultants are experienced active recruiters and can draw on our in-house expertise when getting in touch with candidates for the first time. As we developed our own active recruiting tools, we have an excellent understanding of how to approach candidates professionally.

How does the XING TalentService team ensure that they find the right candidates for customers?

The XING TalentService team consists of experienced recruiters with extensive active sourcing experience. In addition, the XING TalentService process includes several comprehension checks. In particular, the briefing, the discussion of the longlist, and the reality check one week after kicking off the project ensure that the XING TalentService consultants have understood the customer’s requirements and are looking for the right candidates.

Do XING TalentService shortlists also include a CV and references?

No. We send the XING profile, along with additional information gathered during a phone interview. This way, we can ensure a lean and GDPR-compliant process. You and the candidates do not lose unnecessary time.

Personal consultation

Discuss your needs with our experts to find the right talent for you with the XING TalentService.

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