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A new way of recruiting

With the job network XING

Simply XING, minus the bling

Recruiting has been one of the most difficult tasks companies have to deal with for many years. More so because talent has become quite rare.

But we have good news: you’re not alone. You have us! We’d like to support you by simplifying your recruiting, taking many time-consuming steps off your hands and matching you with the right talent.

We have plenty of smart solutions for this – from high-reach job ads to sophisticated active sourcing solutions and an applicant tracking system.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Our recruiting solutions almost automatically lead you to talent that really fits your company. Minus the extra effort. Minus the excess bling.


Recruiting is…

... super expensive?

... super complicated?

... super time-consuming?

We’ve concentrated on the ‘super’ part!

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A talent pool of 22 million candidates:

With XING, you’ll have access to a large and diverse network. Use our recruiting solutions and get access to 22 million talents in German-speaking countries.


We’re your matchmaker:

Even if all the qualifications fit – in the end, people and companies need to vibe together. That’s why we’re not just about degrees, fancy abbreviations and work samples but also about values and fit. That’s why we do the comparison beforehand – individually and data-driven.



Holistic recruiting in one place:

Sometimes more is better. Sometimes it works. Often, however, this is a misconception. There’s a different optimal recruiting path for every position and every company. Sometimes a job ad is enough. For some, adding active sourcing does the trick. And an applicant tracking system is useful for companies that do a lot of searching. It’s all about the right combination. Let us show you how.


We put AI to work for you:

XING writes your job ad for you, makes it sound great and formulates your messages to potential candidates. It even selects suitable talents for you to contact so you can reach your recruiting goals faster.


Focus on the truly important data and figures:

Hand on your heart – you didn’t become a recruiter because you love numbers, did you? XING helps take the time-consuming process of crunching numbers off your hands. That way, you know if your measures are working. And if necessary, you can take swift countermeasures or simply brag about it to the management team.


Strong recruiting
– naturally with XING

22 Mio.

XING members in D-A-CH¹

30 %

response rate to recruiter requests¹

20 Mio.

job market visits per month¹

New Hiring
Why recruiting needs to work differently today

You may be wondering…

why recruiting has to be so complicated in the first place. It’s actually not. But you know all too well that you can’t fish your new employees out of a pile full of great application documents anymore.

What’s changed?

Recruiting must adapt to the conditions of the labour market. Demographic change is hitting hard. Digitisation is constantly creating new jobs that require people to advance them. And when talents are few and far between, the mindset of the people being sought changes: For many, their job is no longer the centre of their lives. Instead, their job should fit into their lives.

These three factors mean …

that companies are having increasing difficulties finding suitable employees. They lean on tried-and-tested concepts and learned routines that aren’t working anymore. Therefore, a new understanding of recruiting is necessary. A ‘New Hiring’ method that considers the principles of today’s working people and translates them into sustainable concepts, methods and tools.

And that’s exactly where we at XING come in:

We rely on modern technology supported by AI and combine it with the demands and expectations of today’s job seekers. So you can use recruiting solutions that bring in lots of applications made by people you’d love to hire.

¹ XING, internal data, 2024