Passive sourcing with XING

Recruiting success with high-performance job posts

Engage in truly successful passive sourcing – post your job ads on XING, kununu and many other relevant job and social media platforms.

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What’s passive sourcing all about?

Passive sourcing involves searching for suitable employees by publishing open positions on various digital platforms. The most common methods are job ads and social media recruiting.  

With our passive sourcing solution, XING Job Ads, you’ll get maximum reach for your open positions in the right places – automatic posting on XING, kununu and numerous other job and social media platforms.  

Four reasons to passive source with XING Job Ads

Get maximum reach for your ads

We post your ad on a variety of relevant job and social media platforms outside XING to find the best candidates for your vacancies. Data-based and you won’t need to add any extra steps.

Source efficiently and with minimal effort

AI supports you in creating your ads, and we handle posting and a data-based playout on the right channels. And your incoming applications? You can easily manage them with free integrated applicant management features.

Take the direct approach

On XING, you can view any visitors to your job ads. Thanks to intelligent matching, you'll also get access to other exciting candidates. You can conveniently invite the most exciting ones to apply, personally.

Stay within your planned budget

XING Job Ads helps you engage in high-performance passive sourcing that takes your recruiting budget into account. Choose the price package that works for you based on the complexity of your vacancy.

Check out the power behind passive sourcing with XING:

20 million

monthly visitors to the XING job market¹

≈ > 300

clicks per ad¹

≈ 13

candidates per ad¹

≈ 8

applications per ad¹

XING Job Ads

With XING Job Ads, you’ll have access to a variety of high-reach channels for your passive sourcing – no extra effort required. Benefit from these advantages:

  • Maximum reach on XING, kununu and other job and social media platforms
  • Candidate recommendations that conveniently let you invite them to apply
  • Transparent insights into the most important metrics about your job ad
  • Create and optimise job ads using artificial intelligence

Reach the right candidates for your open positions – with XING Job Ads.  

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What our customers say about us

The insight into the visitors to our Job Ads is my favourite feature. I actually take a look at this overview every Wednesday morning. By doing this, I often come across talents appearing on other channels that I didn’t previously know about.

Jan Schengber, Köster
HR Manager

We have no hesitation at all in recommending advertising jobs with XING: the simplicity of creating them as well as the opportunity to share XING Job Ads with the network won us over.

Kristin Semelka, Terberg Spezialfahrzeuge
Recruiting & Training

We were able to fill vacancies extremely quickly with XING Job Ads. And without any extra work for Recruiting – and with more reach and more applications.

Ines Palmann, Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke
HR Officer Recruiting

Use the onlyfy Application Manager to multipost your job ads on up to 900 channels

Publish your job ads on up to 900 channels in the onlyfy Application Manager with just a few clicks. Take advantage of these features:

  • Access to over 900 channels via multiposting
  • Post smart social media campaigns right from the tool
  • Design individual job ads easily and intuitively with our design tool (Job Ad Designer)
  • Directly access around 30 free job platforms for your job ads

Combine excellent applicant management and wide-reaching passive sourcing in the onlyfy Application Manager!

Discover onlyfy Application Manager

Pick the right recruiting solution for you

XING Job Ads

Achieve maximum reach on XING,
kununu and many more channels.

onlyfy Application Manager

Post vacancies, contact potential applicants, and manage your hiring process – all in one integrated solution. 

XING TalentManager

Find your dream hire yourself by messaging XING contacts and non-contacts directly.

XING TalentService

Our recruiting experts screen XING profiles and, if you like, get in touch with potential candidates.

¹ XING, internal data, 2024