FAQs for XING Job Ads

Product scope*

With XING Job Ads, you get maximum visibility thanks to postings on XING, kununu and other relevant online job platforms and social media channels – regardless of which position you want to fill, discover your optimal channel mix. We also automatically send you suitable recommendations from a pool of more than 22 million talents who you can contact directly and easily. Your free access to selected functions allows you to manage your talents automatically and in compliance with data protection regulations, right up until you successfully hire a candidate, making the application process more efficient. The transparent integration of kununu employer ratings, salary data and culture information allows you to present an authentic picture of your company and thus offer jobseekers an optimal user experience.

Depending on the position you need to fill, we have the right plan for your needs:

Whether you're looking to fill a production, logistics or care vacancy: With the Essential Job Ads, you can take advantage of the most important channels and reach skilled workers swiftly and simply.

 The Core Job Ads are the right solution to recruit as efficiently as possible on a small budget – and precisely on those channels where office staff, for example, can be found.

 Increase your recruiting performance with Job Ads Pro, which offer advanced marketing technology and tailored advertising campaigns to help you reach top talent. 

Ultimate Job Ads offer maximum performance with higher promotion of your ads on relevant job and social media channels as well as double the advertising period – even for particularly hard-to-fill positions.

With the Essential Job Ads, you can reach the right professionals in areas such as production, logistics, crafts, social services or care in a targeted manner without having to spend a lot of money. Use the most important channels and reach skilled workers quickly and at low cost. 

Yes. Depending on the type of ad you have opted for, your XING Job Ads will also be automatically displayed outside of XING on relevant online job platforms and social media channels as well as on Google. It is also possible to achieve additional reach for individual postings through targeted social recruiting campaigns, allowing you to increase the group of potential applicants.

Yes. As a launch partner of Google for Jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, our Job Ads are optimised for those searching for jobs on Google.

So that you can achieve maximum visibility for your vacancy, we will publish your Job Ads on further relevant channels free of charge. Thanks to programmatic advertising, we can always find the right channel for your ad, meaning that your job offer will always run in advertising spaces on the platforms that your target group actually uses.

This allows you to benefit from additional reach thanks to the data-driven display of your Job Ads on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram as well as the Google Display network and other job exchanges such as talent.com, Jobrapido and StellenOnline.

Job Ads that have been placed elsewhere on the web are automatically crawled and displayed on XING Jobs. These Job Ads do not, however, offer the complete range of functions afforded by the Job Ads placed directly with us (candidate visits to an ad are not displayed, for example).

In the case of the Essential, Core and Pro plans, the standard advertising period is 30 days. In the case of the Ultimate plan, it is 60 days. Core is also available with an advertising period of only 15 days.

Yes. You can see who has visited your Job Ads in your personal “Jobs” area in XING. You can add interesting visitors to a central candidate shortlist, so that you can keep track of them later in the process or invite them directly to submit an application (included in the Pro and Ultimate Job Ad types).

English text can be entered in the individual sections of the Job Ad. However, the language of the headings (About us, Your profile, etc.) is determined by the language selected in your tool. Here, the language can be changed to English in the settings, allowing the headings to also be displayed in English.

No. You can purchase Job Ads at any time – all you need is your own XING account.

When you purchase an XING Job Ad, you are already given free, temporary access to selected functions of our onlyfy Application Manager. The availability of this function is limited to 180 days after the Job Ad has expired. Automatic candidate recommendations and the possibility of inviting these individuals or visitors to your ads directly to submit an application is limited to the term of the Job Ad. When you purchase the onlyfy Application Manager, you are given full and unlimited access to our state-of-the-art applicant management system and additional functions such as individual workflow automations and recruiting processes, applications via WhatsApp, extensive analyses and reports as well as permanent access to talents in the candidate list for building up talent pools.

The availability of this function is limited to 180 days after the Job Ad has expired. Automatic candidate recommendations and the possibility of inviting these individuals or visitors to your ads directly to submit an application is limited to the term of the Job Ad.

You can purchase the onlyfy Application Manager directly in onlyfy or seek advice from your personal account manager at any time.

The additional use of the onlyfy applicant management allows you to publish your Job Ads through our multi-posting partners on up to 900 job platforms in just a few clicks. You can also benefit from publication on many additional job boards, which is already included.

No. The applicant management functions are optional and free of charge.

Product features

Yes. You can add images and videos to your Job Ads no matter which product version you have purchased.

Yes. Job Ads from websites can be included for publication on XING.

All types of ad offer you the opportunity to integrate images and videos into your ads and change the heading colour to suit your corporate design.

Yes. XING Job Ads are displayed optimally on all devices.

Yes. You can edit and amend your Job Ads as needed even after you’ve published them. You cannot, however, change the job title or sector – this information cannot be amended at a later date.

Candidates can apply via XING’s instant application tool, by e-mail, XING message or via the link to an individual application form. If you opt to use the instant application tool, you can conveniently specify the intended recipient of your application. The contact person will then receive an e-mail from XING containing your candidate profile and any additional attachments. If you post your job ads through your applicant management system, we can support you in integrating the XING instant apply tool into your ATS, Allowing you to access applications directly and thus have all the relevant information in one place. 

No, they cannot. The next Job Ad displayed is usually generated from the list of a user’s search results.

As an XING customer, you have free access to our broad range of e-learning courses. You can also find a selection of comprehensive training courses, articles and information material about passive sourcing, active sourcing, employer branding and more in our help center.

On kununu, you can reach talents directly in the same place where they can find out about you as an employer. Your ad will be integrated into specific pages depending on the products selected in your XING product portfolio. By default, your ad will be integrated into the salary check section. In combination with a paid Employer Branding Profile, you also benefit from it being integrated into your kununu employer profile.  

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