Reach talent from all over with the functions offered by XING Job Ads

Ideal channel mix

Combined marketing power of the Internet

  • Prioritised display of your job ad on XING and exclusive publication on the employer review platform kununu
  • Automatic and data-driven publication on other relevant channels – be it Facebook, Instagram, Google or job boards such as eBay Classifieds
  • Convenient option of flexibly booking additional reach for hard-to-fill vacancies through targeted social recruiting campaigns
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Notify suitable talents automatically

Recruiting really doesn’t get any faster

  • Send push notifications to the most suitable XING members from a pool of more than 21 million talents thanks to intelligent matching technology
  • Even more targeted and particularly attention-grabbing promotion of your job ad to highly qualified, suitable talents
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Im Performance Dashboard der XING Stellenanzeigen können Sie die wichtigsten Kennzahlen transparent einsehen

Transparent insights into your ad performance

Keep an eye on how your ads are doing at all times

  • Comprehensive dashboard with insight into the 7 most important performance metrics of your job ad
  • See how well your personnel search is going at any time with XING Job Ads
  • View the following metrics: impressions, visitors, clicks, saved ads, application rate, application intentions and applications²
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Invite talents

Don’t just wait for applications to roll in

  • Invite automatically recommended candidates from a pool of more than 21 million members on XING and visitors to your job ad to submit an application 
  • Gain valuable insights into a person’s willingness to change jobs or their current employer for a successful direct approach 
  • Enjoy access to a customisable template for contacting candidates directly, which is designed according to best practices and is already dynamically pre-filled for you 
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Integrated kununu workplace insights

Find the perfect match with authentic insights

  • Integration of transparent workplace insights, allowing you to stand out from the competition with your job ads
  • Automatic integration of your kununu score, culture and salary data, as well as your benefits for an authentic presentation
  • Improve the cultural fit by providing relevant information and receive applications that really suit you
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XING Instant Apply

Candiates can apply in just two clicks – even when they’re on the go

  • Convenient application via XING Instant Apply 
  • Reduce the number of application abandonments by offering an engaging mobile application process 
  • Automatic forwarding of applicant data to your applicant management system 
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Convenient applicant management¹

Recruitment has never been so easy 

  • Free additional functions to manage incoming applications thanks to integration of your job ads into our Talent Acquisition Platform onlyfy 
  • Smart automation and centralised communication for greater transparency and efficiency in the recruitment process 
  • Ensure that interested talents are given an optimal candidate experience thanks to XING’s streamlined process design
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Prices & Packages

In order to serve your needs in the best possible way, we offer different packages.

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¹ The availability of this function is limited to 180 days after the Job Ad has expired. Selected functions are only available when used via XING.