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Use the XING Jobs portal to harness the power of the XING network and reach the right candidates with your job ads. The XING JobManager helps you keep everything under control.

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Philipp Leipold, Human Resources Manager, Westhouse Consulting GmbH

XING is our preferred tool and has always been an integral part of our recruiting strategy.

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XING E-Recruiting - David erklärt, wie man automatisierte Stellenanzeigen veröffentlicht
XING E-Recruiting - David erklärt, wie man automatisierte Stellenanzeigen veröffentlicht

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What benefits does XING Jobs offer me?

With the online XING Jobs portal, you get to use the power of the largest careers network in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region. In particular, you can integrate employee benefits or employer ratings on kununu to present your company transparently and authentically while distinguishing yourself from competitors.
Furthermore, using XING Jobs helps you reach people who, while not active jobseekers, are latently open to new challenges."

Are XING Jobs ads optimised for Google for Jobs?

Yes. We were a launch partner of Google for Jobs in Germany and Switzerland and our advertisements are optimised for Google job searches.
With a XING Jobs ad, you reach candidates exactly where they are busy thinking about their career prospects. In addition to the roughly 18 million current XING members, there are also non-members who browse XING Jobs ads, via Google for example.

Can I regularly check the success of my job advertisements?

Yes, using the integrated XING JobManager you can easily and conveniently manage your advertisements and view the associated statistics at any time. That means you have an overview of the success of your ads at all times.

Can I still edit my job advertisements after publishing them?

Yes, you can edit your job advertisement even after publishing it and can adjust it accordingly. However, you cannot edit the job title or industry. The job title and industry cannot be changed once set.

Do my job advertisements also reach people who are not on XING?

Yes, XING Jobs lets you reach candidates who have good prospects yet are not part of the XING network by using search engines such as Google.

Do job advertisements appear with my company’s design?

In the XING Jobs Professional and Professional+ packages, you can publish your job advertisements in your company design. With the Standard package, your XING Jobs ad is published as a text advertisement with your logo.

Can I also integrate videos into my job advertisements?

The option to integrate videos into your job offer is available for you with the XING Jobs Professional+ package.

Which package is best for me?

We offer XING Jobs in three different packages:

  • XING Jobs Standard
  • XING Jobs Professional
  • XING Jobs Professional+

We invite you to contact us. We are happy to advise you personally on your individual needs.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, you can benefit from reduced prices by bulk-buying job advertisements. Each bulk purchase is valid for 12 months. We are happy to advise you personally on your individual needs.

Are there any training materials or webinars?

Yes. For product education, you receive extensive training materials such as tutorials and webinars for XING Jobs.

Bundling boosts efficiency

Our products complement each other perfectly. You can use them individually, or leverage even greater effects by using them together.

XING E-Recruiting 360° combines all of the available products in a single licence package to unlock maximum recruiting power for you.

Learn more about XING E-Recruiting 360°

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us to arrange a non-binding consultation and find out how you can boost your recruiting processes with XING.

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